Drain Pipe Repairs

Are You Experiencing a Drain Problem?

All drain systems age, clog-up, collapse, or get blocked by tree roots at some point. The key is - diagnosing the problem accurately and solving it properly.

That's where we come in. Having snaked, repaired and installed 1000's of drains over the last 10 years, we’re committed to be the Drain Contractor of choice for the GTA. Our mission is to solve any drain problem you may have – effectively, affordably and with top quality!

5 Reasons for Faulty Drains

Clogged Drain

A clogged drain slows down or blocks waste water drainage. If left unattended, it may cause serious flooding, corrosion, and in extreme situations a drain backup.

In most cases drain clogs develop as food, soap, hair, and other waste buildup in the pipes, hindering the flow. Other common culprits in a clogged drain are feminine hygiene products, pre-moistened diaper wipes, and cotton-tipped swabs, among others.

While most drain clogs can be prevented, some are caused by other factors such us tree roots or negative slope, we explain each of these below.

Root Intrusion

Roots may cause mayhem to your home drainage system in various ways. Growing roots, in particular, can get their way into cracked underground pipes, become larger over time, and cause obstruction and pipe damage. Eventually this causes pipe blockage and drain backup.

If you have mature trees on your property chances are that some of the roots are already in the lines. Tree root intrusion is more common in older homes where pipe integrity has suffered due to age.

Roots are attracted to the waster water that seeps through the cracks and other openings, and once they're "in" they begin growing inside the drain pipe.

Collapsed Pipe

Drain pipes are meant to ensure your home's waste water flows out to the city sewer. However, due to old age, poor installation, or shifting soil during seasonal temprature changes the drain pipes can collapse, causing major blockages.

Signs that show you have a collapsed pipe may include a sudden backup from the basement drain or any of the basement washrooms. You may also observe an unfamiliar smell in the house and subsidence of the ground around the front of your home.

Collapsed pipes are often impossible to detect until it's too late. Once the backup happens a drain camera inspection needs to be performed to identify what is causing it - an actualy collapsed pip or some other obstrucion.


Anything greasy like cooking fat, lotions, or used car products like engine oil can cause serious problems in your home’s sewer line. In fact, most homes experience grease-caused clogging multiple times without knowing it is the actual reason.

What happens is after you’ve washed out the remaining cooking fat down the sink, the fats in the grease ferment over time. They then become fatty acids, which bind with readily available calcium in the sewer to form an ever-growing clog, in form of a soap-like compound.

Negative Slope

In plumbing, a negative slope refers to a bent pipe, which causes wastewater to collect on the curve rather than drain away. The bend often takes a downward sunken shape that immensely slows the speed of water in the drainage.

Dirt and other particles might also end up stuck inside the defective pipe. The reason this happens is because of wrong pipe installation. As in, a proper slant needs to be maintained throughout the drainage system to always allow a decent flow and delivery of wastewater into the public sewer line.

3 Solutions for Any Drain Problem

Drain Snaking

Armed with the most recent tools, including electric drain augers, or “snakes”, our technicians are best equipped to handle, clear, and remove any blockages in sewers and drain pipes.

  • Toilet clogs
  • Kitchen clogs
  • Shower & Tub clogs
  • Pump chambers & lines
  • Tree Roots in drain pipes
  • Drain & Sewer Backups
  • All types of residential and commercial drains

Hydro Jet Flushing

Sometimes sewer pipes can be extremely clogged by grease, debris or even root systems that have invaded your lines. In such circumstances, we use hydro jetting to get your plumbing free of blockages that traditional techniques can not clear.

  • Hydrowater Jetting Service
  • High-powered streams of water - up to 3,500 psi
  • Very effective in scrubbing piping completely clear of sand, dirt, grease, roots, and various debris
  • Much safer for your drain pipes, and also much more thorough vs drain snaking

Drain Replacement

In an unfortunate event of a collapsed pipe, a pipe that has been torn apart by roots, or one that has been blocked solid by years of calcium build up - a drain replacement may be necessary. We provide high quality, reasonably priced drain replacement and repairs and can help you properly solve you drain problem.

  • Partial of Full Line replacements
  • Negative Slope Repairs
  • Drain Camera Inspections for accurate diagnostics
  • Warranty


Before we send someone out to inspect your drain lines we'd like to have a phone call to ensure we can help. Please click the button below to schedule your callback or call us directly.

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Recent Reviews

I had an old sewer pit in the house with improper lid, which didn't seal the pit properly, could feel the sewer smell in the basement. Called several companies and every one of them said the only way is to replace the whole pit (they can't make a custom lid for the existing one). Other companies quoted more than $4000 for the job, plus 2-3 days of work(=several days of mess in the house). I tried to resolve the issue by other means: installed a fan, tried to seal the pit in different ways. Nothing helped. A friend of mine suggested them as a reliable and reasonable company. They came the next day after my call, gave me a much better quote ($1000 less than other companies), did an amazing very clean job in 1 DAY! Since then, my problem was resolved - no more sewer smell in the house. The pit works perfectly and will last a long time. I am very satisfied with their services and wish I knew about them earlier and didn't spend money on other stuff that didn't work. Would definitely recommend to everybody I know.

- Varia

Canadian Rooter responded quickly to my call, even though it was on a weekend. My house still had old clay drains and after experiencing sewage back-ups due to tree roots in the drains I finally decided to replace the pipes under the house. The supervisor explained clearly how the work would be done (main line relacement inside, backwater valve, two floor drains and 12 feet drain replacement outside) and the crew arrived promptly as scheduled the following Monday. The job was done quickly as promised and the crew left the basement working area clean. The supervisor even called me at work during the daytime to update me on the cause of an obstruction in the outside drain. A project which could well have been unpleasant turned out to be a pleasant experience, as it left me feeling I could trust CR and I ended up happy that I had the work done. The price as well seemed reasonable. They made me feel that they were working in my best interest.

- Elaine

I phoned several plumbing services early in the morning to get an estimate on clearing our clogged kitchen drain. They said they'd have someone call me back, or could send someone out "this afternoon". But Mike took my call promptly, arranged to come to my house that morning, arrived on time, gave me a firm - and competitive - cost, and set to work with professionalism and real expertise. When the snaking didn't clear the drain Mike was ready with a larger machine, which did the trick. He cleaned up everything neatly when he'd finished, gave me some useful advice on preventing future clogs and was helpful and courteous throughout. I'd recommend Mike anytime! Those other guys? I'm still waiting for them to return my call......

- Lisa

Top notch service!! Called at 10:45 on a Friday with kitchen sink clogged. I put 2 days into trying to correct the problem myself. Service rep Nat was over in about 1 hour. Went above and beyond...Corrected the problem in a reasonable period of time. Also suggested some other measures that I could take later. Cleaned up work area completely and was absolutly a pro. Will give him and the company as a referral !!!

- Paul

In late Jan. my upstairs drainage stopped working. After renting a snake and still no drainage I called Mike who came by after work a few days later. I had dealt with Mike two times before and was very pleased with the results. This time he checked out the symptoms and then camera'd the sanitary line. Turns out the line was jammed with roots from a nearby tree. He quickly sized up what needed to be done and what the total cost would be. I agreed to what he suggested and he said he would arrange to get the City permit and get the job started ASAP. He called later in the week and said the guys would be here at 9 AM Monday. The crew arrived on time Monday and started work. They kept the work area as clean as possible, threw down tarps inside the door and the stairway leading downstairs. I went down after a few hours and was amazed at the progress they had made. They had dug up the 30 + plus feet under the floor that needed replacing and had removed the main stack which provided drainage from the main floor. They were starting to install the replacement PVC. Around 3 PM, they let me know that I could now use my water and toilet which I did! They left around 5 and said they would return the next morning again to finish. They arrived the next morning and this time were cleaned up and gone before 12 noon. They would return to backfill 3-4 feet that was left open for the Inspector to view the backwater valve. Upon that inspection, the remaining section was backfilled and cemented. The job came out great and the workmanship was top notch. Mike dropped by a while later to settle up the final payment and did a quick snake out of the bathroom/kitchen line which was still causing a bit of a problem. After that I was 100% satisfied with the results. Thanks Mike and crew!

- Ykram