Canadian Rooter Reviews

I had an old sewer pit in the house with improper lid, which didn't seal the pit properly, could feel the sewer smell in the basement. Called several companies and every one of them said the only way is to replace the whole pit (they can't make a custom lid for the existing one). Other companies quoted more than $4000 for the job, plus 2-3 days of work(=several days of mess in the house). I tried to resolve the issue by other means: installed a fan, tried to seal the pit in different ways. Nothing helped. A friend of mine suggested them as a reliable and reasonable company. They came the next day after my call, gave me a much better quote ($1000 less than other companies), did an amazing very clean job in 1 DAY! Since then, my problem was resolved - no more sewer smell in the house. The pit works perfectly and will last a long time. I am very satisfied with their services and wish I knew about them earlier and didn't spend money on other stuff that didn't work. Would definitely recommend to everybody I know.

- Varia

Canadian Rooter responded quickly to my call, even though it was on a weekend. My house still had old clay drains and after experiencing sewage back-ups due to tree roots in the drains I finally decided to replace the pipes under the house. The supervisor explained clearly how the work would be done (main line relacement inside, backwater valve, two floor drains and 12 feet drain replacement outside) and the crew arrived promptly as scheduled the following Monday. The job was done quickly as promised and the crew left the basement working area clean. The supervisor even called me at work during the daytime to update me on the cause of an obstruction in the outside drain. A project which could well have been unpleasant turned out to be a pleasant experience, as it left me feeling I could trust CR and I ended up happy that I had the work done. The price as well seemed reasonable. They made me feel that they were working in my best interest.

- Elaine

I phoned several plumbing services early in the morning to get an estimate on clearing our clogged kitchen drain. They said they'd have someone call me back, or could send someone out "this afternoon". But Mike took my call promptly, arranged to come to my house that morning, arrived on time, gave me a firm - and competitive - cost, and set to work with professionalism and real expertise. When the snaking didn't clear the drain Mike was ready with a larger machine, which did the trick. He cleaned up everything neatly when he'd finished, gave me some useful advice on preventing future clogs and was helpful and courteous throughout. I'd recommend Mike anytime! Those other guys? I'm still waiting for them to return my call......

- Lisa

Top notch service!! Called at 10:45 on a Friday with kitchen sink clogged. I put 2 days into trying to correct the problem myself. Service rep Nat was over in about 1 hour. Went above and beyond...Corrected the problem in a reasonable period of time. Also suggested some other measures that I could take later. Cleaned up work area completely and was absolutly a pro. Will give him and the company as a referral !!!

- Paul

In late Jan. my upstairs drainage stopped working. After renting a snake and still no drainage I called Mike who came by after work a few days later. I had dealt with Mike two times before and was very pleased with the results. This time he checked out the symptoms and then camera'd the sanitary line. Turns out the line was jammed with roots from a nearby tree. He quickly sized up what needed to be done and what the total cost would be. I agreed to what he suggested and he said he would arrange to get the City permit and get the job started ASAP. He called later in the week and said the guys would be here at 9 AM Monday. The crew arrived on time Monday and started work. They kept the work area as clean as possible, threw down tarps inside the door and the stairway leading downstairs. I went down after a few hours and was amazed at the progress they had made. They had dug up the 30 + plus feet under the floor that needed replacing and had removed the main stack which provided drainage from the main floor. They were starting to install the replacement PVC. Around 3 PM, they let me know that I could now use my water and toilet which I did! They left around 5 and said they would return the next morning again to finish. They arrived the next morning and this time were cleaned up and gone before 12 noon. They would return to backfill 3-4 feet that was left open for the Inspector to view the backwater valve. Upon that inspection, the remaining section was backfilled and cemented. The job came out great and the workmanship was top notch. Mike dropped by a while later to settle up the final payment and did a quick snake out of the bathroom/kitchen line which was still causing a bit of a problem. After that I was 100% satisfied with the results. Thanks Mike and crew!

- Ykram

AMAZING service & results! We had a sewer backup, the city wouldn't help without a 'proper access pt' and a previous plumber who cracked our toilet tank. Mike came out to investigate w/ camera, snaked the drains, helped us understand our options, talked w/ the city on our behalf, had the cleanout w/ back-water valve installed the next day & went out of his way to get us a new toilet (at cost) & even installed it for us FREE when the other guy wouldn't even come back to look. We have already recommended Mike & Canadian Rooter to friends & family. This company really came through for us!

- Michelle & Mark

A sewage backup required emergency work, inside and outside. Naz came out to assess the plumbing situation and had a crew there quickly. The front lawn was dug up and the clog located and repaired. A backup valve was installed and the hole filled in. Because a large tarp was used, the lawn looked the same after the work was completed. Efficient, speedy, friendly service with explanations along the way to satisfy our questions. Because of two major flooded basements from rain storms, a waterproofing of the basement was required. Naz was called again. Again his crew arrived on time, completed the work quickly, protected the work site, and cleaned up well afterwards. They even changed a corroded downpipe that was not included in the original estimate,. I was totally satisfied with both projects. Well done Naz, Walter and the others!

- Bob

After having the sewer back up last year, we were not willing to live that nightmare again. The guys put in a back flow valve and sump pump. All the staff were very professional. They showed up in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company.

- Cathy

Exceptional Service, second to none! My family was devastated due to numerous basement flooding each time it rained this spring. Mike came to the rescue and offered solutions to our problems. Each time they did a project, his team was efficient, courteous, and professional. Mike walked us through the specifics of installing a sump pump and waterproofing. He ironed our worries gave us peace of mind. Our sump pump works efficiently. The landscape at my front garden was exactly the same before the excavation. As if no one stepped on it! They really clean after their debris. That big job was done in two days. The quality of their work is outstanding. Their attitude is great. Nick fixed the leak on our meter working around the time slot when the city could shut off form the city's main line. I recommended Canadian Rooter to my neighbour and she called Mike the next day. She was also happy about the service (sump pump), and called them for another project. I am a very satisfied customer!

- Josie

I was very happy with the service provided. My water main was broken, they installed a new one. Very fast and good service. The men where all polite and professionnal. They did the work as promised on time, and even cleaned up the work site before they left !

- Jacques

Thank you to Canadian Rooter the great team of workers and Naz the manager. The company upgraded my water service and back up value fast and very professional at a very competitive price. They cover all plants and lawn and filled the holes after completing the work. This company has my total trust.

- Mark

Our experience with Canadian Rooter was terrific. We had a water line leak in the delivery pipe in 100ft distance between city pipe and our house. We had previously hired another contractor who replaced a small section and assured us things would be fine. They were not, and a second leak & flood developed. John to the rescue! He told us we had been swindled and explained why & how he would replace the pipe in its entire length, do minimal damage to the lawn, not disrupt the foundation wall or concrete walkway, and protect our interior finishes. John was very patient and informative. His crew was early, hardworking, courteous and tidy. It was a big job, done in a very prompt, efficient and neat manner. Our experience was very positive, and we would not hesitate to recommend this company.

- B. Holland

George was very helpful and explained the situation clearly. He was willing to come on his day off on the long weekend and figured out a way to do the work the most efficient way. There have been no further problems.

- Joselyn

From the initial visit great care was taken in finding out where the water was coming from and it was difficult to find. Once found, they took the time to explain what was needed and address all questions/concerns thoroughly. The crew led by Andrew was very impressive, they worked hard did a thorough job, completed the job on time, and left the site in good and tidy order. Bottom line, the outside pipe was replaced and our basement is dry! I will call them again without any hesitation for any future plumbing issues that may arise.

- Barbara

I was asked by the City of Toronto to have my water pipe changed from galvanized pipe to copper pipe. I called them and Mike & his crew were very professional, courteous and experienced. They did a fantastic job and were also very clean and cognizant about keeping everything clean & tidy while they performed the job. The job was well done and on time. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family. Thanks Canadian Rooter, Mike and his crew

- Arthur

Water was coming into the bedroom of my furnished short term rental income property. It was important to get it fixed quickly between guests. I did not want to dig up the front of the house at the beginning of our busiest season. Canadian Rooter responded quickly and gave me the best quote and the fastest service! I picked them from a newspaper ad and was a bit dubious. They did tell me that the best way was to dig from the outside, but I could not do that at this time of year. The crew was great, very clean. Walter, the foreman, kept in communication. They were professional and provided me with licensing papers. The work was done quickly and looks very good. They had to dig down through the basement concrete floor which necessitated removing drywall, studs, insulation. They installed weeping tiles, a strong membrane, redirected a problem drain. They do not replace drywall and studs, etc., but referred me to Ivan, a carpenter/handyman colleague who is doing an excellent job as well. Great service! I would highly recommend Canadian Rooter and will use them again. In my furnished rental business, I am often asked if I know good trades people. I will use this site for referrals! I did not know it existed until now. Thanks a lot!

- Paula

Very professional and quick! We had a flood in our basement and found out it was the result of sewer back up and foundation leek. These guys came in right away and started working immediately. They were extremely neat and tidy; they showed up at 7:30am and didn't leave until 7pm. There is now no leaking at all and I would very highly recommend using them!

- John W.

The Canadian Rooter crew came into my house to fix existing waterproofing that was made wrong. Foreman explained to me everything that was done wrongfully, and promised to do the job right and on time. He also understood my situation, and expenses that I had to suffer, and didn't charge me as much, as in other estimates. The guys did their job very professionally; they organized their time properly, and left their place clean after they left. THANK YOU Canadian Rooter!!!

- Grom

Had a leaky basement that could not be waterproofed from exterior, so I called Canadian Rooter for an interior solution. They answered by questions and came in immediately to waterproof the side of my basement and installed a sump pump. So far so good. Quick and easy and gave me a competitive price as I received three quotes and negotiated price. Very happy with the service. Thanks

- Ren

I was having trouble shutting of my laundry faucet for a while, and after forcing it too much I probably caused the mechanism to finally break down and what it was just a leak turned out to be a lot of water running unstoppable. It was night so I had to shut my main water off. The next day I called several plumbers, some didn't answer the phone, some charged me to come to my house and make a quote, another that I sent pictures never called me back. When I called this company I was answered right away by a lady called Tania, whom I briefly explained the situation, and she made sure to get any available plumber to call me back. Ten minutes later Phil called me aware of my problem and told that he would be in my house in less than 45 minutes. 30 minutes later he got to my house and explained everything needed to be done (basically cut off the old faucet, solder the new one and reconnect the primer line), how much it was gonna cost, very polite, professional and positive manner, and to my surprise their price was better than their competitor, a couple dollars less. I had no doubt and signed the contract right away. Phil did everything in one hour and let everything spotless and the most important: a functional, easy to shut off faucet. He also gave me a document for a one year warranty of service. I will sure recommend Phil and Canadian Rooter.

- Diane

I called in Saturday morning. I was expecting they will come in sometime on Monday or later. But Nick came in within 2 or 3 hours & fixed the problem. Everything was smooth & fast. the price was reasonable for his professnal job professionally. Thank you for great job, Nick ! The price was reasonable.We can recommend you guys to my friends absolutely ! Thanks !

- Ayako

Had replacement of sink and faucet. Having curious kids in the house needed someone to do a good but quick job. And he did: Great service, neat job, sincere guy. If I ever need plumbing services will definately call them back. Highly recommend!

- Estera

Had a wonderful experience. Very professional, fast, clean up well, and did a super job. The job was big and needed to be done right away. They took care of everything. The job was inside and outside my house in the middle of Winter and they worked so hard. They came back to check on the soil in the Spring to make sure it settle okay and if there was anything else that needed done and I didn't have to call and ask them to come. I highly recommend them!

- Vanessa

I hired these guys by the recomendation from a friend they came in,scoped out the job gave a price and time frame. They were very polite and courteous,the job was done on time and very clean,their team worked hard,explained well on how it will be done ,so I didn't have to worry about. I will recommend them to everybody I know.Great job

- Michael

Thank you for responding quickly to this issue. A very professional way of handling things! Thank you for making a bad situation into a positive one. I really appreciate the effort you have put into being an accountable company.

- Jacqueline